A Coloring Project

I went to visit a friend not too long ago and I noticed they had the clear aLeda rolling papers:

I've always been intrigued by these rolling papers because:

1. They're clear, c-thru and made in Brazil

2. They are NOT made from plastic, but ARE 100% cellulose, non-plastic, biodegradable film of a vegetal origin. The cellulose used does not contain the chemical compounds found in the production of many white paper rolls, such as lead or arsenic.

3. The papers are tasteless and odorless

Check out this video I found demonstrating how to use the papers:

Ok, moving on....[I'm starting to sound like an aLeda product endorser over here!]  I starting looking at the packaging and noticed something on the inside which caught my attention:

There was artwork! ...and really nice artwork.  
This piece by Guilherme Kramer, entitled "3rd Layer" is what was staring me in the face:

I love the image...the face...the expression.  I thought to myself: "What if I colored this???" 
I put on some good music, got in my zone, and I did just that!

I think it's really neat that aLeda took a small, yet large step in supporting independent artists by allowing them to be able to submit their artwork in the hopes of being featured inside the packaging, like Guilherme.  

If you'd like to submit your artwork to aLeda, e-mail your work to:  

aLeda regularly chooses pieces to add to their virtual gallery on their website and the best works can even be selected to illustrate one of their product packs, like you've seen above.

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