Get The Look: Rockabilly

What is Rockabilly?

Rockabilly is like a fusion of rock & roll and the blues. The easiest way to put it is a little bit of Elvis, mixed with a little bit of pin-up style. Grease, the movie, is also a good example of this particular style.  

One thing I enjoy about Rockabilly fashion is that it's a fun style. You have lots of range in creativity when it comes to the clothing, hair and make-up. I can imagine that one would be all grins and giggles while getting dolled up.  

I decided that I wanted to create a fun, colorful, more modern version of Rockabilly, and here it is:


1. FACE - I used M.A.C Mineralize Satinfinish Spf 15 Foundation and mixed in a little bit of M.A.C Melon pigment to give the skin a polished, bronzed, porcelain effect.

2. EYES - I used various shades of M.A.C glitter to create the appearance of a transparent star around the eye, lined the eyelids with Engraved M.A.C. Powerpoint Eye Pencil and finished the lashes with L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara, shade Black.

3. LIPS - I lined the lips with M.A.C Cherry Lip Pencil and used M.A.C Cockney Lipstick.


1. I separated her hair into four sections in order to have more control when blow drying her hair  [use more sections when the hair has longer length.], as well as separated the hairstyle on top and bottom for the design.  

2. I then made pin curls to create the circular waves you see on top of her head and set them with a little hairspray.  You can use a curling iron to create this look, rollers, your hands, pin curls....there are many ways!  If you're without heat, the best methods are rollers or pin curls, although pin curls & rollers set the best with heat.

3. After creating the circular "waves" on top, I created a cornrow which starts at the side of her temple, and ends on the other side of her temple to add more dimension and uniqueness to the hairstyle.

4. I finished the look by taking out the pin curls, fluffing and combing them into shape, and spraying the entire head with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder.
This look can be worn for a pin-up style photo shoot, a night out on the town, a carnival, a rave - endless possibilities! ....just have fun with it.

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