Halloween Nail Art #4: Life Of The Party!

It is now day four of this week long nail art challenge, and this has been a lot of fun so far! I hope that you are enjoying seeing a new idea everyday, maybe even something you may want to try yourself. 

I initially thought that after three days of doing this that I may be pressed for ideas, but in my meditative quiet time last night, today's theme came to me.  I randomly started thinking about Charlie Brown and The Peanuts gang in "The Great Pumpkin"....[if you haven't watched this, please do - it's a classic!]

The Peanuts gang make it to a Halloween party, and that's what triggered the idea. I decided that I wanted to do a design based off of things you might see at a Halloween party!


You'll definitely see pumpkins at a Halloween party, and maybe even bob for apples.  If it's a goooood party, you may see a coffin of some kind for show, and you know there will be candy corn!  Lastly, there WILL be party people willing to party ALL, NIGHT, LONG...aka my partied out Frankenstein [those are bags under his eyes]

Hope you like!

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