The Queen of Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun holiday.  I think of Halloween as a fun holiday because it really allows people an opportunity to put forth their best creative efforts when deciding upon and creating a costume.

[ Me dressed as a Flapper ]

There are people that only wear face masks on Halloween, and then there are those people who spend money to create something floating around in their imagination.  One person that immediately comes to mind when I think of Halloween is Heidi Klum.  Have you seen her Halloween costumes?!!?!  They are phenomenal!  If there was a "Queen of Halloween", she would wear the crown.   

Check out some of her previous costumes:

[Heidi Klum as Hindu Goddess Kali]

[Heidi Klum as Sexy Cat]

[Heidi Klum as Red Witch]

[Heidi Klum as Vampire Lady]

[ Heidi Klum as Lady Godiva]

[Heidi Klum as Betty Boop]

[Heidi Klum as Eve in Garden of Eden]

[Heidi Klum as a Raven]

The pictures of her 2010 costume haven't penetrated the net, but I believe she her costume has something to do with robots and/or transformers:

I can't wait to see how this Halloween look was perfected.

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