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I have a lot to share with you, but my time is becoming more and more limited - please forgive me as I play catch up. I have been busy with so much, including: family & friends, Thanksgiving, college education, vacationing, nails, jewelry and some other "hush hush" things i'm working on, but everything is coming into fruition at the right time.


Before leaving for my vacation to Mexico, I decided to test out a method of nail art which I haven't tried before: water marbling. If you aren't familiar with water marbling, the best way to describe it is: a type of nail art that creates swirls in multi-tones by dipping your nails in water.  Sounds kind of crazy, right? - dipping your nails in water? I have seen this method tested many times in a variety of colors, so I figured I give it a try and see what results I get. My trip to Mexico was quickly approaching, so I was inspired by the beaches in Mexico, coral reefs, water, etc.

Here is my first attempt at water marbling my nails:

Not bad, ey? 
[sorry for the sub-par photos - still figuring out how to capture better photos of my nails.]

Let me start off by saying that water marbling isn't the easiest of processes and you must have a little patience in order to do this. 

First you have to paint your nails and let them dry.  Then you have to choose another color or colors for the water marbling.  After you have your color selections, you must add drops of each color in the water, swirl it with a toothpick, then dip your finger into the water. Once you remove your finger from the water, the clean-up begins.

When you remove your finger from the water, your finger is just a mess! There is  polish all over your fingers and edges, so a lot of clean up is required in order to have pretty water marbled nails. I added some jewel embellishements to my nails to add a little "flavor" and make them "pop" a bit more, which really added to the design as a whole.

1. Pretty, unique nails
2. Lots of color options to create a variety of designs
3. Endless possibilities

1. Messiness
2. Lots of clean up required [including cotton, polish remover and q-tips]
3. Time consuming

 Would I do water marbling nail art again? Probably. 
Would I recommend you giving water marbling a try? Why not! 

Practice makes perfect, and with practice comes skills.  I do, however, recommend doing this in an area of your home with space, just in case things get a little messy.  For the parents out there, find a kid-free zone -trust me. Kids love doing creative things with their parents, especially things that look fun, messy and colorful. You've been warned, lol.

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