Holiday Glam Nails Re-cap

First things first - I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Christmas! Christmas holds so much meaning for so many different people, whatever you believe in, or whatever it means to you, I just hope you were happy.

I made sure to rejoice in the birth of Jesus, as well as do nothing.....ALL.....DAY....LONG.  I chilled out with family the entire day, eating, chatting, watching sports, being festive, etc.  Good, good times.

As you already know, t.h.e. Nail Studio opened it's doors last weekend for the Glam Nails event, and I must say that it was a hit!

Both days were busy [not to mention fun!], and I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and allowed t.h.e. Nail Studio and myself to pamper those precious hands and feet.

Here are a few photos of our happy customers and their beautiful nails!

I'm still waiting for more photos from my friend Brandon, aka EazeeSt.  He took some pretty cool shots, so I hope to get those soon so that I may share them with you.


We're re-opening the salon December 31st!  
More details coming after this post!

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